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Draft Guide

Draft Guide was started 13 years ago by veteran Fantasy Football players who wanted a quick and easy solution for to locating a draft guide that had all the players and was setup using our scoring system.  We spent weeks scouring the Net looking for something that was useful. We found many many lists and outdated football stat reports and even some so-called projections, but none of them were up to date and none of them would allow us to use our scoring system. We were at the mercy of data that was inaccurate and inappropriate for our needs. We realized that something had to be done. Fantasy Football players deserved better, this was our mission, our calling.
We gather information from hundreds of sources around the nation. Probably information that you could locate yourselves but we take the hassle out of it by looking at the big picture and keeping our data updates based on the big pictures. We are not going to scream stop every time a player stubs his toe BUT we are going to let you know the moment that it becomes a significant factor for you.


Our solution revolves around a centralized database that is housed in our underground datacenter. This database is continually updated with information as it comes off the wire. The moment we make an update, it automatically updates your reports so the next time you visit the report page you will see fresh data. Advanced automation allows us to keep our operating costs down and offer you a high value and secure product that is less than $6 and available instantly, no waiting for a license key or a login.

We feel confident that you will be satisfied with the Draft Guide system and look forward to
earning your business from year to year.


Draft Guide Partners
Ruben Bybee - Programmer
Dave Didion - Silent Partner


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