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DRAFT GUIDE : Once a member you have complete access to the Draft Guide Reports as often as you like prior to the start of the regular football season. This information is updated continually to give you the very latest possible information in a well organized and formatted manner. This list can really give you the edge during your Draft. Please note that the 2000 Draft Guide is only updated until the start of the 2000 Football season. We hope to continue to offer you special membership savings on other items throughout the football season.

  At Draft Guide we consider your privacy and e-mail confidentiality a top concern. Member information is always 100% privileged and IS NOT shared with, sold to, or given away to any individual(s) or company under any circumstances. Your e-mail address will not be published on any web site, news group, or other Internet media. It is only used to send information that directly pertains to your Draft Guide member account.

To provide an updated dynamic list of players, by position, with projected stats and various other little details. We cater to the "last minute" owner as well as the experienced FFL veteran who just wants another great source of information. 

MEMBER SPECIALS : Besides receiving the the 2000 Draft Guide, you also are entitled to special member pricing on other services and products. Currently this includes a $5.00 rebate on the TFL Flash Update. We are currently in discussion with many other companies and hope to have many offerings that will save you money.

In a few words I guess you could say that we sell an accurate updated completely customizable Fantasy Football Player Ranking and Listing report in a well formatted and easy to use format. We are also offering you savings on assorted services such as the TFL Report Flash Update by Bob Harris.

We are veteran Fantasy Football players and Internet users who grew tired of spending so much time searching for an easy to use list of players in an up to date and orderly manner that was easy to use at our Draft.
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We get our information from a wide variety of resources including Online News Services, web sites, Fantasy Football Experts, local media, & much more. We have many subscription based services that we use to provide us the latest information available. Some  of these places you probably visit on a regular basis too BUT we take the work out of this tedious process and give you the information when you want it, the way you want it.

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  When you become a member of Draft Guide, we create your own personalized entries in our database. When you return to Draft Guide and login, we remember all of your settings and customized scoring system. You can edit this as often as you like and make as many personal copies as you wish using as many scoring systems as you want.Draft Guide we consider your privacy and e-mail

Draft Guide offers you the flexibility to customize the scoring system to reflect the scoring system of your league. This enables us to provide you player rankings that are truly representative of your league. For your convenience we have a number of pre-configured profiles including the ESPN scoring system. 

The fields that you can customize for 2000 are listed below.

Pos Description Abbreviation
1. QB Quantity to display on reports. Quantity
2. QB Points per passing Touchdown. PtsPerPassTD
3. QB Yards Passing per point. YdsPassPerPt
4. QB Points per Other TD - not passing. PtsPerOtherTD
5. QB Yards Other per Point - not passing. YdsOtherPerPt
6. QB Points per interception. PtsPerInt
7. RB Quantity. Quantity
8. RB Points per rush Touchdown. PtsPerRushTD
9. RB Yards rushing per point. YdsRushPerPt
10. RB Points per receiving Touchdown. PtsPerRecTD
11. RB Yards receiving per point. YdsRecPerPt
12. WR Quantity. Quantity
13. WR Points per Touchdown. PtsPerTD
14. WR Yards receiving per point. YdsPerPt
15. TE Quantity. Quantity
16. TE Points per Touchdown. PtsPerTD
17. TE Yards receiving per Point. YdsPerPt
18. K Quantity. Quantity
19. K Points per Extra Point. PtsPerPAT
20. K Points per Field Goal. PtsPerFG
21. DT Quantity. Quantity

Yes, we have created a guest account that has very limited access rights. With our sample account you can see how the database works and what the final customized product looks like. You can use this sample account to see how Draft Guide works.
Click here to see the samples.

We have been using the Internet for many years and have chosen Blue Mountain Internet to host the Draft Guide web site. There fast dedicated commercial web servers and connectivity exceed 99%. Due to the nature of the Internet and many aspects that are beyond our control, we cannot make any promises that you will be able to access this site 100% of the time.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT OPTIONS :   We have gone to great lengths to make sure that the Draft Guide Reports are viewable by all browsers . To keep our prices low we must limit support to e-mail only. We have several people who continually monitor e-mail and response times are within hours (sometimes even minutes) of your request.
Send your technical support questions to support@draftguide.com

Our guarantee is that we will continually update the information in our database up until the beginning of the normal season. These updates are based on the Fantasy Football Experts, latest news stories, stats, online resources, and more. We strive to give you the data when you want it, the way you want it.

LOSING TEAM CLAUSE : We strive to create Draft resources that will get you a winning team every time, but we acknowledge the fact that not every team will be a winner. Draft Guide will be held harmless by any damage a losing team may cause you.

Please keep your account information private and do not share it with others. We keep extensive access logs for this site and abuses will be discovered.

PRICE :  $5.95 for unlimited 2000 Draft Guides. This is for single individual use ONLY and allows you member access for the Entire 2000 football season.

Refunds are at the sole discretion of Draft Guide. We will evaluate each request on a case by case basis.

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